Who we are

The National Weekend of Invitation reflects 14 years of experience of Back to Church Sunday in the UK and internationally. It is an initiative of the Unlocking the Growth Trust, charity number 1144336.

Our mission
The reason we exist is to give churches the confidence in God to invite others and so to mature spiritually and add new people.

Our vision
Our desire is for churches everywhere to have a culture in which members consistently ask God who they should invite.

Our strategic approaches
We are delivering our vision –

  • By undertaking research – to understand the issues, undertake best practice, and measure outcomes
  • By engaging with gatekeepers – to help those of influence understand and respond to the challenge of creating an invitation culture
  • By equipping church members – inspiring them to act with confidence in God to invite others
  • By providing resources – to help churches develop a culture of invitation and put it into practice

Our people

Director and chief executive: Michael Harvey. Michael, is a co-founder of Back to Church Sunday in the UK. He has developed the concept of invitation as a mission tool across seventeen countries.

Creative director: Peter Meadows. Peter is a co-founder of Spring Harvest, founder of Premier Radio, a former Director of Giving and Communication at the Bible Society and presently Programme Director of AfterWorkNet.

Public relations director: Steve Goddard. Steve is a PR consultant and owner of Christian Resources Exhibitions.

Coordinator: Janet MacIntyre. Janet has a background in the performing arts and theatre management.

Our advisory council
Our advisory council includes: Pastor Jason Clark Vineyard, Phil Knox Evangelical Alliance, Dan Lodge YFC, Robbie Morrison Church of Scotland, Emma Nash Methodists, Rev Jon Turner, Rev Andrew Hawkins J John’s Philo Trust

If you would like more information please do contact us.