It is important to have a realistic understanding of what ‘success’ for your guest events would look like.

Most people outside our churches have little understanding of the Christian story. This means, for some, ‘success’ might be as simple as them leaving feeling good about what happened and open to ‘something else sometime’. And don’t miss the ‘success’ of those who express a ‘healthy maybe’ about taking things further.

Ideas for events

With the invitation being to ‘Be Our Guest’, the assumption is that the guest doesn’t pay. Either the church sponsors the event in full or those doing the inviting cover the cost for themselves and their guest.

There is an endless array of events a church could run to which invitations could be made. Here are some suggestions and resources that may also spark ideas of your own.

Sports quiz: In pub-style with multi-media. All you need is available from Christians in Sport.

Has science seen off God? A presentation from a scientist who is a Christian with questions.

Film evening: Show a film like Babette’s Feast, Dead Men Walking, The Shack, The Mission, Chariots of Fire, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, The Blind Side, Shadowlands, The Case for Christ.

A tea dance: A perfect afternoon for an older generation – with a talk on ‘God’s Great Dance’ or ‘Following His Footsteps.

Helping your kids grow up right: For parents with wise advice on discipline, self-esteem and growing up with God as a one-off. Or the first session of Parent Talk the Teenage Years or Parent Talk the Primary Years.

Men’s or Women’s breakfast: With speaker with a life story or relevant subject.

Guest artist: A concert, theatre production or comedy evening from someone like

Some performers may be more artistic than evangelistic. Or not clear as to how explicit you wish them to make the Christian message. So do mutually agree expectations will in advance.

Supper parties: Hosts invite two or three others from the church and all invite guests. Use one of the TableTalk sessions to promote conversation.

Parents and little ones: Hold a Messy Church afternoon.

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