Creating Welcome

As you plan, do think what someone who has never been to a church service, or church event, feels like when entering such a foreign territory. It’s much how you may feel if you were to go into a betting shop.

In some settings you may even want words on your invitation like – ‘We don’t dress up for Sundays. Just come as you are’.

Check your user-friendliness

This may be the time for a small group to do a mini-audit on how user friendly and welcoming your church is. One way is to take an imaginary walk from the kerb to the seat, trying to see it through a visitor’s eyes.

They should consider

  • Is the entrance easy to find?
  • Will there be a big smile at the door?
  • Does the lobby area – especially the notice boards – need decluttering?
  • Are the loos easy to find – and with soft paper, air fresheners and nice soap?
  • Will they be shown to a seat?
  • Will everything from then on be easy to follow and in their language?
  • Can you upgrade the refreshments that probably follow? Dump Rich Tea for Jaffa Cakes, include decaf and gluten free options, and so on?

Offer a ‘first-timers’ pack

You won’t want to embarrass visitors by making them stand out. But you could offer a free ‘first-timers’ pack that they ask for as they leave.

The pack should demonstrate how much you value your visitors. For example it should