The Opportunity

Beyond the walls of our churches are almost 3 million people who are open to being invited. Yet this is not happening – making it the greatest missed opportunity for churches.

To put it simply

Vast numbers would accept an invitation. But those who could invite are bottling it.

Waiting are many people ready to say ‘yes’– to an invitation to church or a suitable event. Or who deserve to be invited even if not yet ready to accept. However, when it comes to inviting, the barrier is fear.

That’s because what’s needed is a new mind-set regarding how we measure ‘success’ and how we trust God to be God for us.

This is the reason for The National Weekend of Invitation. It exists

  • To help churches release their members to invite by holding an Invitation Cross Sunday
  • To offer a united focus for churches to invite
  • To see church members grow in faith

Be sure your church makes plans, engages with the preparation, and reaps the benefits.
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