A breadth of denominational leaders and church organisations has already expressed support for The National Weekend of Invitation initiative.

In particular, this includes being included as part of HOPE Together’s programme. Roy Crown, its National Director says –

‘The National Weekend of Invitation fits perfectly with HOPE’s mission strategy for 2018, as churches work together to invite people to become followers of Jesus.’ Roy Crowne, National Director HOPE Together

Other support includes –

The Church of England: “Invitation by a friend, a colleague or a neighbour is key to new people coming to experience church for themselves. Focussing this on a special opportunity will help foster a wider culture of invitation in churches.’ Dr Rachel Jordan-Wolfe, National Mission and Evangelism Adviser, Church of England.

Evangelical Alliance: “This wonderful initiative is right in line with the Evangelical Alliance’s commitment to see more people come to know Jesus. It will have our full support.’ Gavin Calver, Director of Mission, Evangelical Alliance.

Methodists: ‘What excites me most is this is something absolutely everybody can be involved in. From the smallest child to the very eldest members of our congregations’. The Revd Loraine Mellor, President of the Methodist Conference 2017/18.

‘This is doable for every local church – with the potential of bringing transformation. Every leader and local church should give it a go and see what God will do’. Ashley Cooper Principal of Cliff College

Church of Scotland: ‘Churches really need to embrace this. It will enable them to receive the maximum return on the work they are doing. If you’ve never invited anyone to join you, what is the rest of it for?’ Lesley Hamilton-Messer, Church Without Walls team leader.

Baptist: ‘The simplicity of and power of the research and thinking behind The National Weekend of Invitation as the potential to revolutionise individuals and the way the church goes about executing the Great Commission.’ Rev David Shosanya London Baptist Association.

Elim Churches: ‘What makes this initiative different is we are empowering the person doing the inviting and taking the focus off the result. I’m right behind it’. Mark Greenwood, Elim Churches National Evangelist.

Churches Together in England: “For churches working together, this has the potential to be an important resource. Invitational Evangelism is a fundamental Christian concept, across all church traditions helping people take a closer look at Jesus Christ.” Jim Currin, Churches Together in England.

Youth for Christ: ‘The 20th century’s greatest evangelist became a Christian as a young man because a friend invited him to an event. I’m convinced thousands of young people are just waiting to be asked to explore faith and find Jesus – just like Billy Graham was before he was invited. The National Weekend of Invitation is a wonderful opportunity for youth groups to empower young people, reach out and grow in number.’ Phil Knox, Director of Evangelism and Leadership, Youth for Christ.

More than that, churches from almost every denomination have already committed to the training programme to prepare for their involvement in the national Weekend.

‘Learning about how to become an Invitational Church is a must for all who care about shaping congregations and reaching communities.’ Right Rev Paul Bayes, Bishop of Liverpool