The preparation training is more important than the weekend itself. That’s because expecting people to invite without giving them the insights they need can be discouraging and even damaging.

This makes the simple programme of training essential.

We think of it as being like a Kinder Egg. The chocolate shell is the invitation weekend. But the precious and lasting gift inside is the benefit churches receive from seeing ‘invitation’ in a totally new way.

Three ways to access the training

There are three simple ways for churches to engage with the benefits that come from the training.

  1. Invite Michael Harvey, Director of The National Weekend, or one of his associates, to run a weeknight or Saturday training event with your church. To enquire please contact us.The preparation includes three Skype calls with the church leader to help them become an inviter and to model their experience ofmaking an invitation in front of the congregation. These calls, taking no more than 30 minutes each, include being equipped to lead an Invitation Sunday and Inviter Sunday
  2. Create your own training day from the notes and videos you can download. Your church leader should also sign up for the three personal Skype calls with Michael Harvey as part of the preparation.
  3. Use one of the webinars planned for February, March and April. This can be a resource for individual home groups or a gathered company.

Be sure your church makes plans, engages with the preparation, and reaps the benefits.
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