Timetable – What & When

This simple timetable will help your church make the most of The National Weekend of Invitation.

January to April

Sunday June 7th – Invitation Cross Sunday

  • Teach the three ways to think differently about invitation.
  • Prayerfully bringing to a cross the names of those who will receive invitations.

June 14th – Inviter Sunday 

  • Share the stories of those who have invited – how they felt and what God did.
  • Celebrate their obedience – no matter the outcome.

Friday 26th to Sunday 28th June – The Weekend

  • Hold one or more invitation events large and small – pub quiz, curry evening, guest artist, debate, hot topic, guest service, youth activity and more.

The rest of the year

  • Apply what you have learned and keep inviting – Alpha, Christianity Explored, The Pilgrim Course, guest services, evangelistic breakfasts and Messy Church.

Be sure your church makes plans, engages with the preparation, and reaps the benefits.
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