Invitation Cross Sunday

The climax of the preparation for The National Weekend of Invitation is an activity for church members in the context of worship – an Invitation Cross Sunday.

This powerful experience is explained in the training and on the video on this web page. It sees people prayerfully asking God who they might be being prompted to invite and bringing them – as initials on a post it note – to a cross.

Integral to this, is to have an Inviter Sunday soon afterwards to focus on those who have made invitations. The aim is to celebrate their obedience and for them to share what happened and – above all – what this meant to them.

“The post-its which festooned the cross, represented 196 possible invitations – 70 named, 91 with just initials, and 35 question marks. This seems to me an astonishing response.” Rev Paul Kenchington, Vicar Holy Trinity Combe Down